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Supportive Therapy

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Mental health conditions are often isolating. Treatment with us can help you feel less alone as you access the services and treatments you need. At Bluebird Psychiatry in Austin, Texas, board-certified psychiatrist, Samantha Symons, MD, and APRN Alexandra Prosk, provide supportive therapy at every encounter to help you harness your inner strengths. Call Bluebird Psychiatry or schedule a consultation online today if you’re looking for compassionate, collaborative, supportive treatment.

Supportive Therapy Q & A

What is supportive therapy?

Supportive therapy is a compassionate, patient-focused approach to mental health care. It provides a safe and accepting environment for you to express yourself and get the help you need to relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life. 

The providers at Bluebird Psychiatry help you identify your inner strengths and learn how to use them to increase your resilience and recover more quickly from suffering. They will also help you identify other resources to improve physical health and wellness, which can support your mental health treatment. 

What should I expect from supportive therapy?

Supportive therapy is the cornerstone of every appointment you have at Bluebird Psychiatry. Your provider will always ask questions about overall health and wellness and what situational stressors you may be facing. As stressors heavily influence many mental health conditions, we must take the time to understand your unique circumstances in order to inform the treatment plan. 

While your provider at Bluebird Psychiatry may not be your therapist, we will collaborate with your therapist to ensure we are all working together to help relieve your suffering. We become an integral part of your treatment team, and we aim to be your wise voice in promoting health and healing. 

What are the benefits of supportive therapy?

Supportive therapy provides many benefits. Psychiatric disorders often lead to social withdrawal and feelings of isolation. At Bluebird Psychiatry, we use supportive therapy techniques to help you feel cared for and not alone. Trusting you have a support network available can reduce suffering. 

Additionally, supportive therapy can increase your awareness and appreciation of your skills and strengths. You can learn to use these aspects of your character to increase your confidence and your ability to succeed socially and professionally.

If you are coping with situational stressors such as loss or an unhealthy relationship, supportive therapy can help you find the resources you need to cope. Supportive therapy may help you build your confidence by providing a sense of belonging and a solid foundation of care. 

Call Bluebird Psychiatry or make an appointment for a consultation to learn more about personalized, supportive treatment.