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Medication Management

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Medication is often an essential part of psychiatric treatment as it can help to relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life. At Bluebird Psychiatry in Austin, Texas, board-certified psychiatrist, Samantha Symons, MD, and Advanced Practice Nurse Alexandra Prosk, will work with you to create a medication treatment plan that is right for you. Call Bluebird Psychiatry today for an appointment for personalized psychiatric medication management.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Medication management is the practice of ensuring that you are taking the right medication, in the correct dose, to treat your condition. Prescribers also make sure your prescription is safe to take with other medications, vitamins, or supplements you may be taking. With 24% of Americans taking three or more prescriptions every day, this aspect of medication management is critical.

Psychiatric medicines, including antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety drugs, may take several weeks to act, and there is a risk for unwanted or intolerable side effects. The team at Bluebird Psychiatry works hard to understand your unique needs to target effective treatment. They collaborate with you to monitor the effects of medication and to make adjustments if necessary.

How can medication help me with my symptoms?

Many psychiatric health issues stem from changes in brain chemistry and activity. Psychiatric medication helps to regulate your brain activity, which can alleviate your symptoms. 

Medication is often a critical component of mental health care. The team at Bluebird Psychiatry combines medicine with therapy, lifestyle modifications, mindfulness, and other therapeutic modalities. 

When medication reduces your symptoms, you can better focus your energy and attention on therapy, social connections, purposeful work, creative pursuits, and other strategies of wellness to further improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

What are the benefits of psychiatric medication management?

At Bluebird Psychiatry, Dr. Symons and her team take a patient-focused and collaborative approach to psychiatric health care. When it comes to medication management, this means taking time to explain the purpose, risks, and benefits of the recommended treatment plan. 

In many ways, the human brain is still a mystery, and our unique genetic make-up means we respond differently to medications. The team at Bluebird Psychiatry is committed to staying current on best practices to treat mental health issues. We offer regular check-ups to assess your symptoms and the benefits or side effects of the medication. Our close work together promotes safety with medication treatment and improves outcomes.

Call Bluebird Psychiatry today for expert, personalized medication management services.